Barring a better term, this section gathers pieces that use contemporary analog instruments such as electric guitars, basses, drum kits, electric pianosโ€ฆ

Maggie's Still At The Top Of The Hill
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Lightning Scream Lyrics talks about that music:

1970 February saw the release of The Doors’ album, Morrison Hotel. The last title of that album is devoted to Maggie M’Gill, a young women led to prostitution at her father’s demise. She reaches Tangy Town, a fictitious town with a “people who really like to get it on” reputation.
Fifty years later, as a tribute to The Doors and this song, we chose to imagine what Maggie had become. Thus Maggieโ€™s Still At The Top Of The Hill was born, as rough as her roots.

THe music is as curt as Maggie, intentionally short and intense.

A big shout out to Lightning Scream Lyrics who offered this collaboration, and to SFYS for the splendid guitar intro!

Les Corons
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Lyrics: Jean-Pierre Lang | Music: Pierre Bachelet | Adaptation: Rex Potam

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Lyrics and music: Rex Potam

Phileas Fogg
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Lyrics and music: Guido & Maurizio de Angelis | Adaptation: Rex Potam

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Lyrics and music: Jacques Higelin | Adaptation: Rex Potam